Car's shock and struts in focus

Not just a bump in the road: shock and strut assessment

Call or come in to have an expert evaluate the efficacy of your suspension system



Car's struts focus in

Warning: you're not in control

There are a number of warning signs that you need to visit Randy's Brake Repair for shocks and struts repairs. Some of them include:

  • Swaying or leaning when you turn
  • Nose diving when you brake
  • Bouncy, bumpy, or shaky riding
  • Noisy or stiff steering

Replacement when its needed

At Randy's Brake Repair, you'll get the expert service you need, when you need it. Your vehicle definitely needs to be seen, but not necessarily stripped from roof to tire and completely revamped.

Bring your car or truck in to find the problem and fix it today.

Call today for shocks and struts repairs and services.


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